Uber is preparing its own electric car.

May 5, 2021 0 Comments

Brexit does not seem to have stopped Britain from constantly presenting new plans to  sectors and especially the car. The Uber , giant urban transport through implementation, prepares its own electric car and this time it becomes a reality.

Uber has decided to partner with Arrival , a major technology company in the UK, to work together to build its own electric urban mobility proposal. The car will focus on comfort, safety and practicality to fit perfectly into the needs of everyday life.

Its dimensions will be relatively small, it will have only the necessary comforts inside and on the steering wheel will have room for smartphone . Uber aims by 2025 for all its drivers in the UK to drive the Arrival Car and by 2030 across Europe and America.

Arrival has already introduced a van, the Arrival Van , which is simple to build, while the new project is expected to be ready in 2023. Technical details have not yet been announced, however what we expect is an emphasis on autonomy and not performance .

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