UAE Bounds Visa Free Entry For Green Card Holder Indians Cum Whose Wallet has the US Visa

July 16, 2020 0 Comments

Every country creates a secured entry by many techniques and the most appropriation and common way is a way of issuing of visas, which denote the eligibility of an individual to be entertained in that country without any objections.

But recently media reported that Indians who hold US visa or Green card are eligible or will be able to acquire a visa in UAE for a two-week stay on arrival in the country from 1st May. This gives the opportunity to this category of Indians to enjoy visiting the wonderful Dubai without any more special time out for visa acquiring.

Passport holding Indians who now, hold the above requirements can or welcomed to UAE without any visa till they land. This has been announced on 29 March that this ruling was approved by the UAE Cabinet which is to be valid till 14 days before they acquire the visa that can be extended once, the visa fee is possibly paid by the individual on time.

 What this both countries hold is promotion friendly relations. This decision was taken by the UAE cabinet decision last month, thus the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs circulated a letter to all designated authorities to grant Indians with US visa or green card holder to issue UAE visa on arrival.

The circular was given to all UAE border points including airports and ports.  It was said to have been taken to simplify visa process to promote the UAE-India relations in the fields of trade, economy and politics that will lead to more foreign investments for India and find much improvise bilateral ties. Apart of all these, its well known fact is that this step would entertain the tourism industry of UAE in achieving its vision of being one of the advanced and elite tourism hubs in the world.

UAE Cabinet also conveyed to Gulf News on saying that Indian citizens possessing normal passports with a validity of six months or more and valid visa or green card issued by the US would be issued entry visas to the UAE from all ports of arrival for a period of 14 days.

The officials of General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners affairs in Dubai quoted that the order will the from on May 1st.

The Indian tourists are in good in number visiting the UAE and last year it was about 1.6 million. On the other hand, India also took the lead in tourism around which 50,000 tourists from UAE visited India in 2016. About 143 flights per day had been operative between India and the UAE, which counted out to be around 1,000 flights per week.

So who else would miss this golden opportunity, one more thing to understand that the 14 days will be extended t similar period if any. The condition fulfilling in which the passport must not be less than six months and the entry fee for an entry permit will be Dirham 100 (1,750).

The events are for to be followed up by strict rules and regulations for strict entry, and thus each individual is requested to find them more comfortable and obtain the visa on arrival at UAE.

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