Top 10 Most Sought-After Occupations In Canada in 2019

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After two years of economic boom, there are signs that the Canadian economy will slow down a bit in 2019. But so far there are no signs of a concomitant slowdown in the labor market. The unemployment rate is still at 5.6%, which is a 40-year low.

There are many vacancies available on the market in absolutely all industries and in all specialties. But some types of specialists are more scarce than the rest. One of the country’s largest recruitment agencies, Randstad Canada, based on its own data, compiled a list of “most wanted” specialists this year.

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All the deficient specialty analysts divided into two main categories. The first one includes ordinary professions that have existed for a long time, the demand for which is associated with general economic growth. The second category is completely new professions arising in connection with technical progress. Although the vacancy of the second type in absolute figures is noticeably less than that of the first type, the level of competition for jobs in new professions is extremely low.

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As for the list of the most scarce professions directly, the first five conditionally “traditional” professions were:

1. Sales representative, salesman, sales manager. Annual salary – 52-62 thousand Canadian dollars.

Although the traditional “offline” trade has long been punished by the sunset against the background of the accelerating e-commerce, sellers of all kinds are still very much needed everywhere. Most of all vacancies in Canada are open precisely in this direction. It also supports immigration to Canada and it is in trade that most people are employed – 2 million or more than 10% of the workforce. In a growing economy, this sector is only adding new vacancies, so it’s not yet possible to talk about reducing available jobs in this area.

2. Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Secretary, Assistant Manager. Annual salary – 44-52 thousand Canadian dollars.

This category of professions is also predicted to disappear due to technical progress, but so far they remain highly demanded due to their professional universality. Such a specialist can be entrusted in Canada Migration  with a lot of very diverse tasks from receiving calls to a part of the accounting functions.

3. The driver. Annual salary – 42-51 thousand Canadian dollars.

If you have a license to drive commercial vehicles (trucks and vans) or a certificate to work on a forklift, there is always work for you. In a growing economy, more and more goods are moving throughout the country, and warehouses serve as important logistics hubs on this network. Hence the demand for people who can help in the movement of goods. It is noteworthy that in this profession, migrants manage to get comfortable , especially easily due to its global universality.

4. Programmer. Annual salary – about 85 thousand Canadian dollars.

Practically all branches of the modern economy somehow use software in their work. Therefore, there is a very high demand for people who can write code. Particularly needed are the so-called full-stack developers, who can do both the front-end (user interface) and the back-end server part, which users never see and where data is stored or processed.

5. Administrator, receptionist. Annual salary – 35-41 thousand Canadian dollars.

Since this profession is relatively easy to automate, it has also long been predicted of sunset. But for now, it remains on the list of the most sought-after, since visitors to hotels, restaurants and office buildings prefer to deal with a living person, and not with a program on the iPad.

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As for the completely new professions that arose several years or even a few months ago, the most popular ones are:

1. Blockchain developer.

Most ordinary people associate the word “blockchain” with the crypto currencies, but in fact this technology is very versatile and can be used in the most diverse industries for solving various problems. While there are very few specialized blockchain developers, their functions are performed by ordinary programmers. But the demand for specialists of this profile is growing very rapidly.

2. Engineer of automatic systems. Annual salary – 65-79 thousand Canadian dollars.

Automation in the supply chain is not new. Robots have long supplanted humans when it comes to stamping baking or mounting bolts. Now, however, robots acquire more “human skills,” for example, today robots help doctors perform operations. Needless to say, those who can develop such machines are in high demand.

3. Developer of AI. Annual salary – 77-92 thousand Canadian dollars.

“Artificial Intelligence” (AI) is software that is capable of independent learning. The creators of AI, as a rule, have experience in software development and Data Science, which allows them to work on creating an AI capable of performing specific tasks, such as detecting financial fraud, forecasting customer needs or collecting relevant information.

4. Chief Experience Officer.

Chief Experience Officer is a completely new profession that has appeared in the West, whose name so far does not even have an adequate Russian equivalent or at least a translation. The task of this employee is to make customers fall in love with the brand and remain faithful to it. Work duties can be very diverse depending on the specifics of a particular company – from creating a more convenient for the client online verification process when registering on the site to protecting the company’s reputation on social networks.

5. Consultant in online chat

On most modern sites offering any services or products, there is a so-called “live chat”, through which a visitor can ask a direct question to a representative of this online store in text mode and get a prompt response. As it turned out, millennials and the “Z” generation, which today make up the bulk of the clientele of such sites, prefer text-based live chat to the traditional call center. Although so far most of these chats are working with bots, a live consultant is still needed to solve more complex issues that the chat bot cannot handle.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the rating of the most sought-after occupations in Canada, compiled by Randstad Canada, for some reason does not include representatives of the construction and medical professions. However, these sectors of the economy provide jobs to Indians in Canada for a significant part of the Canadian population, and accordingly the number of open vacancies in them is also enormous.

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