The European space program is ready to “take off” with a budget of 14.9 billion euros.

May 5, 2021 0 Comments

The European Commission has announced that it welcomes the adoption of the Space Regulation by the European Parliament and the Council, which sealed the relevant political agreement reached in December 2020.

At € 14.88 billion for the period 2021-2027 (compared to € 11 billion for the years 2014-2020 and € 5 billion for the period 2007-2013), the space program has the highest budget ever and includes all EU space activities in a single regulation. The space program will ensure the continuation and evolution of the three existing flagship programs Galileo, Copernicus and EGNOS.

It will also support new initiatives, including space surveillance (SST), space meteorology, near-Earth objects (NEO) and satellite telecommunications (GOVSATCOM).

The space program will also contribute to the green and digital transformation of the EU economy, but also to its resilience. Thanks to this new regulation, the EU will give impetus to new applications and technologies, will enhance the adoption of space programs by users and the market, as well as the utilization of space data and services for the development of new applications and services.

The space program also promotes the entrepreneurship and competitiveness of the European space ecosystem. The € 1 billion CASSINI space investment fund will support groundbreaking start-ups and innovations, helping to make Europe a global space entrepreneurship hub.

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