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There are many who think of studying abroad as their way to travel and explore the city. But there are also some beliefs that while studying abroad one has to work and earn money for their living expenses. So, here we are discussing some points what it looks like to be studying abroad.

We believe that students choose to study abroad because of several distinct reasons such as to explore the new culture, meet new people and to further pursue their education. Moreover, It will offer you a chance to find an exceptional broadened culture, make deep-rooted companionship and associations, and get an instruction that goes a long way in your all encompassing turn of events. So, breaking all the myths about studying abroad being a hectic and stressful decision, we would like to say that for a travel fanatic, being in a country as a student you will experience life and make memories that will last forever.

There’s a motivation behind why studying abroad is such an engaging alternative, and we’re almost certain we can get it- people love to travel. Perhaps the best motivation to study abroad is the fabulous opportunity you get i.e., to go to different places, and it’s neighbouring nations! For instance Study in Berlin and go through an end of the week in London. Study in California and enjoy your spring break in Cancun. Also, studying abroad empowers you to investigate portions of the world that you’d always want to go but for the most part be unable to as a student. 

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Also, you can get paid for your travel fantasy. However, it may vary between countries and the chosen program. But it is common for international students to receive funds from government or respective colleges for studying abroad.  Henceforth, we will help you with some tips that will be helpful in planning in your dream of travelling while studying abroad.

  1. Choose a program that has only 4 days a week which will help you to give extra time to explore new things.
  2. Although, we’re so eager to travel that we pass up the genuine experience — living in another city, communicating in an unknown dialect, becoming acquainted with the area, and meeting local people. Thus, while planning your trip don’t spend every weekend travelling. 
  3. Choose the right day i.e., while planning your trip look into the calendar and make sure whether there are any events or festivals going or not.
  4. Travel creatively as you will be having only 2 or 3 days to see all the sights and explore. Hence, you need plan your trip a little but also you need to be open to spontaneity.
  5. You will have unlimited chances to streak your school ID and spare tons on everything from exhibition hall pass to prepare tickets. So, be sure to carry your ID with you consistently, and don’t stop for a second to inquire whether there’s any student rate any place you go.

So, we wish that these this will be helpful to you in your planning. Hence, to conclude, be smart and plan your trip and acquire your love for travelling. Also, Travel Safely!! TOODLES!!

Author Name – Rhythem Chartubedi 

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