Migration in UAE

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Studying in UAE is a dream destination for most of the students. Pursuing graduation and Masters in UAE is defined as the best opportunity for a life settlement.

QS World Ranking Universities populate the UAE, some of the best colleges in Gulf Region. The United Arab Emirates is a cluster of Seven States; each state carries its independent federal government.

From 1950 the discovery of natural resources brought a tremendous change in the UAE economy, increasing the exportation of oil and gas assisted in developing tourism, infrastructure, constructions with elegant designs, where some of them showcased in Dubai.


There are many reasons for which UAE stands welcoming to the students who are migrating here.

  • Even though it is a hereditary governing system, Emirates offers an open and tolerant society
  • It’s important to be aware of local customs and laws on conduct in public to avoid any offense and arrest.
  • Dubai with its tallest skyscrapers and amazing skyline and the three Palm islands which are manmade takes away one’s breath.
  • In the outskirts of the city is the Dubai International Academic City, a base area to 27 university campuses from 11 different countries. A student hub to choose the best out of many best.
  • It’s chosen the best place to study as there is a great mix of students from different nations.

Application Process:

  • You need to apply to the chosen university through online by May/June before the program starts. A completed application form and Valid passport.
  • Certificates and transcripts of your recent academic qualifications.
  • Proof of English proficiency, If you are non-native of English then you might have IELTS/TOFEL score.
  • Tuition fees may vary with each university as they set their own fee structure

Once you complete your studies you will be able to access the no. of job vacancies in the UAE. With its flourishing economy, this fact can be termed genuine. Apart from getting a job, one can find flexibility in establishing the business in UAE with support from the StudyNWork to stabilize in the business world of UAE.

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