Japan Offers the Students An Ocean of Opportunities in Education

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Though it’s a small island country still Japan has a huge potential to serve the students the best quality of education. In this 21st century and day by day they are evolving themselves in this field. Students from the distant countries are getting all those benefits and enrich their knowledge. According to the recent data which is been provided by the government there are total 780 universities are currently running in the country, where 80 percentage of those are privately run and rest of the universities are government universities. There are some special universities they are providing vocational degree courses to the inland and outland students respectively.

The land of bullet train provides an excellent quality of education for the international students as well. There is some eligibility criteria which the students need to follow up before filing up the form. The students must meet the following requirements:

  1. A  valid passport
  2. 12 years of schooling from an authorized board and they do accept International Baccalaureate diploma degree
  3. Proof of whether students can pay their class fees while studying.

Students will get extra benefits if they have grip in Japanese language. As we all know all the International students have to clear the entrance test if they are willing to go abroad for education, Japan is not different in this case. Entrance examination is been organized twice in a single year which includes academic and language testing and if students are applying to a university that requires English language skills and they are not a native English speaker, then English proficiency test will be taken. Students have to sit for the exam namely TOEFL. Every university having their own education mentors, they will judge students according to their score card.

To provide best in class education, universities are recruiting teaching and non teaching staffs from the outside of the country which will obviously attract the foreign students. There are different types of subjects which is been taught by the various universities. As an example, from the conventional types of subjects like language, physics, chemistry, and engineering and from the non conventional subjects like business studies, creative art, fashion designing etc.

Like the other universities the duration of bachelor degree and masters degree courses are 4 years and 2 years respectively. Generally the school and universities start their academic session in April and ends the following March, but some universities also allow a student to register in October. Semester system of examination is present here.

For the holistic development of the students, some renowned universities of Japan like University of Japan, Kyoto University, Osaka University also provides short time students exchange program with the other International universities. Where they usually exchange the limited number of students to explore not only about the subject but this will also help them to experience the foreign culture.

Comparing to the other countries the cost of education as well as, the living cost is pretty high for the International students. Student may find some comparatively cheaper university considering their subject. To sort out this problem the Government of Japan provides educational support to the distant students. Various universities provide scholarship and grants through the Ministry of education, culture, sports, science and technology (MEXT) and the Japan Student Service Organization (JASSO). These cover all the tuition, housing, living cost and application expenses.

Author Name – Kasturi Das 

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