Privacy Policy is a B2B Trade company, a part of  ” Tuberose Corporation Technologies” that helps global companies in international trade.

Any information fed to us by you, is safely handled and we take every caution to keep it in safe hands and maintain your trust with us. We take this trust very seriously and make it a high priority to ensure the security and confidentiality of the personal information you provide to us when you visit our Website or use our services. Please find our privacy policy comfortable as it is very simple and understandable, it’s our pride that all our data is friendly and reachable.

What information would we be interested in:


We collect, store and use different kinds of information about you. This may include


Your general identifications that are about your first and last name, telephone number, postal and email addresses, user name and password, and billing information (such as your payment details).

It’s your choice how far you can share your information with us, as your details entitle us to list you or intimate with you the best discounts and plans for your travel. For example, only members are able to post travel reviews, participate in discussion forums, and email  content to themselves and others. In addition, every piece of information you provide is at the cost of us helping you and supporting us and being more available to you. , does not share, or store any kind of client information with anyone.