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“Our greenhouses provide optimal growing conditions for Egyptian peppers” Export

In a context of generally higher temperatures in Egypt, and unpredictable temperature swings, the model of production in a controlled environment has proved to be a safe way of guaranteeing quality of crops throughout the year in the country. This is according to Reham Kamal, export and marketing manager at Fresh Energy.

“This season, like every other season where temperature swings have impacted farmers in open fields, we have been able to maintain consistent quality throughout the year. This is thanks to our cutting-edge greenhouse technology. This enables us to supply the European market with a diverse range of fresh fruits and vegetables, including peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more,” says the exporter.

While the vast majority of vegetable production in Egypt is carried out in open fields, greenhouse production has enabled Fresh Energy to stand up to the fierce competition on the European market, according to Reham.”In the peppers sector, for example, we are safe from the fluctuations in external climate conditions that affect Egypt and other competitor countries, and which have become more pronounced this season. Our greenhouses, together with the production conditions in Egypt, provide optimal growing conditions for peppers. We produce the Kapia, California, Palermo, Hungarian White, and Hungarian Hot Green varieties.”

“The quality of our crops is rewarded by demand that is not wavering,” adds the Reham. “Our main markets are Europe and the UK, where demand is strong. Our presence in the European market is strengthened by strategically located facilities and efficient logistics, including our main European logistics center in Hungary, which has ensured smooth and rapid deliveries, mainly through the port of Koper, offering a fast transit time of 3 to 4 days. We intend to extend its reach to Russia and Asia in the near future”.

“By combining controlled greenhouse environments, a focus on quality, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, Fresh Energy has established itself as a trusted supplier of exceptional peppers, in line with EU standards,” concludes Reham. “This enables us to supply high profile customers such as ALDI, Penny, Carrefour, Tesco and LIDL hypermarkets.”

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