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Bizy Tech Limited Expands its Horizons at GITEX Digital Summit in Marrakech, Morocco

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Bizy Tech Limited, a leading provider of digital solutions for the agricultural sector, took centre stage at the prestigious GITEX Africa 2023 (www.GITEXAfrica.com). The event from May 31 to June 2 provided an ideal platform for Bizy Tech Limited to showcase the transformative power of KILIMO BaNDO, its innovative agri-fintech solution. With over 3.4 million farmers and 871,000 active users in Tanzania, KILIMO BaNDO continues to revolutionize the agricultural landscape, enabling smallholder farmers to access vital services through basic mobile connectivity technology using USSD code *149*46*3#.

GITEX Africa 2023, renowned for showcasing cutting-edge technologies and solutions driving transformation across Africa, presented Bizy Tech Limited with an unparalleled opportunity to share its expertise and success story with a global audience. As a participant, Bizy Tech Limited engaged with like-minded entrepreneurs, policymakers, and technology enthusiasts who shared a common passion for driving innovation and sustainable development in the agricultural and fintech sectors.

During the event, Bizy Tech Limited highlighted how KILIMO BaNDO has become a game-changer in the agricultural industry, empowering smallholder farmers and agro-SMEs with access to crucial services that were previously out of reach. Through the simple USSD code *149*46*3#, farmers can access a wide range of services tailored to their needs and improve their agricultural practices. These services include access to affordable inputs, expert training on best farming practices, climate early warnings, market linkage, savings, loans, insurance, and real-time information on weather updates, disease detection, yield projection, and market prices.

“We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to showcase KILIMO BaNDO at GITEX Africa 2023, where we connected with key stakeholders who share our vision for empowering smallholder farmers and driving sustainable development. Our innovative agri-fintech solution has made a significant impact, with over 3.4 million farmers benefiting from improved access to services that enhance their productivity and income,” said Yethroy Ngaunje, Co-Founder and CTO at Bizy Tech Limited.

The interactive platform at GITEX Africa 2023 provided Bizy Tech Limited with an ideal environment to exchange ideas, forge collaborations, and explore potential partnerships with industry leaders and innovators. By leveraging basic mobile connectivity technology, KILIMO BaNDO demonstrates how digital solutions can bridge the gap and empower smallholder farmers, ensuring they have access to the tools and information necessary for their success.

“We believe that every farmer, regardless of their location or resources, deserves the opportunity to thrive. With KILIMO BaNDO, we have created a solution that transforms the lives of smallholder farmers by providing them with essential services and support. The overwhelming response and interest we received at GITEX Africa 2023 have further solidified our commitment to driving innovation and sustainable growth in the agricultural sector,” added Yethroy Ngaunje.

As Bizy Tech Limited returns from GITEX Africa 2023, the company aims to continue its mission of creating a positive impact in the agricultural industry. By leveraging the lessons learned, insights gained, and connections made during the event, Bizy Tech Limited will further enhance the reach and impact of KILIMO BaNDO, bringing prosperity and growth to even more smallholder farmers in Africa.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of GITEX Africa.

For more information about Bizy Tech Limited and KILIMO BaNDO, please contact us at [email protected] or visit the company’s website at BizyTech.com. Stay updated with the latest news and developments by following Bizy Tech Limited on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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