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Rating, booking APIs make complete procurement automation possible

As technology evolves and integrations become more readily available, Shippers and 3PLs tend to expect their TMS and ERP solutions to be one-stop shops for all things supply chain management. By utilizing a centralized location to manage their operations, these companies are able to streamline decision making and reduce inaccuracies across their businesses. 

In order to take advantage of the variety of applications and solutions they need, these companies often rely on complicated tech stacks that require API connections to efficiently receive and transmit data. project44 understands this, and has launched two new APIs – Multimodal Rating and Booking – to automate the pre-shipment process of rating and booking shipments.

These APIs offer users a variety of efficiencies, including streamlined rate requests, upstream exception management and an expanded network of carriers

“Whether shippers initiate shipments via their TMS or project44’s Movement platform, the APIs enable them to connect with multiple carriers through a single API integration,” according to a recent p44 blog post. “This unified approach simplifies the rating and booking processes for shippers and 3PLs, enhancing their operational efficiency and improving overall supply chain visibility.”

project44’s Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs are designed to revolutionize the way shippers and 3PLs manage rate requests and share bookings. With these new tools, users can eliminate time-consuming manual labor from the procurement process while simultaneously removing the potential for discrepancies across systems.

These APIs give companies instant access to both spot and contract rates from carrier’s within the p44 network. Users can then send bookings to assigned carriers seamlessly. This level of connectivity was largely regarded as a far-off dream just a few years ago, and it is now poised to change how procurement works across the industry.

“Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs from project44 deliver interoperability between your system of record and the carriers you work with,” according to p44.

By leveraging this API, businesses can:

  • Reduce time spent on procurement workflows
  • Standardize the process of sending bookings to carriers via API
  • Benchmark contract rates against current spot conditions
  • Speed up time to value with a one-to-many API integration
  • Seamlessly transition from the booking phase to shipment tracking

Project44’s Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs APIs currently support full truckload rating and booking, less-than truckload rating and booking and ocean booking. Air rating and booking will be supported in the near future. 

Companies only utilizing the booking API – like those in the ocean space – will be able to post booking requests directly from their systems to be distributed to their selected carriers.

These new API offers from p44 represent the next step in supply chain connectivity, paving the way to a more transparent and collaborative future.

“With streamlined procurement processes, automation, and enhanced visibility, project44 empowers shippers and LSPs to optimize their supply chains, eliminate discrepancies across systems and drive operational efficiency,” according to a recent p44 blog post. 

Click here to learn more about project44’s new Multimodal Rating and Booking APIs.



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