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Slow movement on lemons expected to pick up Export

The lemon season in Mexico has started earlier than usual and with good volumes and a wide range of sizes. Luis Gudino, CEO of SiCar Farms says the current crop of lemons is an off bloom which is allowing for product availability before the regular lemon season begins in July. This season is expected to continue until the second half of December.

After the drought experienced last year, this year’s increased rainfall has positively impacted lemon production and is resulting in a greater yield. However, the change in weather does pose challenges, as rain delays the harvesting and packing process and leads to potential delivery delays. 

Producing regions
Current lemon supplies in Mexico are mainly coming from Ciudad Victoria (Tamaulipas), Montemorelos (Nuevo León) and Hermosillo (Sonora). California and Argentina are also producing lemons, but their supplies are less consistent.

In terms of demand, there is currently low movement of lemons, which is unusual for this point in the season. Gudino anticipates that as temperatures rise in the northern regions of the country, there will be a higher consumption of lemons. Consequently, as the summer begins and the demand increases, lemon pricing is expected to respond accordingly.

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