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5th Banana Fair to be held in Delfinópolis, Brazil Export

The Fifth Banana Fair is taking place from 31st May to 4 June in Delfinópolis, Brazil. It is organized by the Banana Producers Association (ADELBA) and SICOOB/SAROMCREDI, the program includes lectures, field day, round tables, exhibitions of machinery, equipment, and supplies.

Several entities related to the sector will be present, such as Ceagesp, Emater, Embrapa, Epamig, Ministry of Agriculture, Sebrae, Senar, Unesp, and growers from all over Brazil are expected to attend.

During the event, growers from the region will be able to attend lectures and discuss with researchers topics of great importance to local fruit production, including soil fertility and fertilization, pest and disease control, new banana varieties, cultural practices, and market trends. There will be a contest for the heaviest bunch of bananas and gastronomy. Technical publications from Embrapa and Epamig will be available. There will also be a display of banana fiber handicrafts, derived products such as sweets and liqueurs, and artistic programming.

Delfinópolis is currently the second-largest banana producer in the state of Minas Gerais, with 150 producers cultivating an area of 3,580 hectares. The estimated production for this year is 80,000 tons, with an approximate value of R$194,000,000.00. This is for the growers (from the gate to inside), as throughout the distribution chain, this value is multiplied by three. Approximately 1,500 people work directly in the fields, not counting indirect jobs such as office employees, workshops that provide services in building sheds, repairs of tractors, buses, and other vehicles, masons, locksmiths, input resellers fertilizers, pesticides, boxes, uniforms, assembly and maintenance companies for irrigation, fuel, agronomists, and agricultural technicians.

This year, the history of Delfinópolis’ banana will celebrate its 30th anniversary. It began in 1993 as an alternative to coffee cultivation, which was facing a crisis of low prices. From the initiative of nine growers, Emater, and the city hall, approximately 20 hectares (50 acres) were planted at the end of that year.

Some local characteristics – climate, soil, availability of water for irrigation, and proximity to major consumer centers – favored the activity. Thus, from a modest beginning, the culture became the main component of municipal agriculture, which is also a major producer of soybeans (the largest in the south of Minas Gerais state), corn, sugar cane, milk, and meat.

For more information:
Sávio Marinho
Banana Producers Association (ADELBA) 
Tel: + 55 35 99959 9414 



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