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Italian wholesale markets’ hunger for strawberries is unabated Export

“I cannot fulfill all orders. I have to rationalize deliveries to still be able to provide the product to as many operators as possible. Currently, I supply a little over 10 wholesalers a day, all in northern Italy, in the wholesale markets of Milan, Verona, Genoa, Turin and Padua. There is still exceptional interest from wholesalers for strawberries, especially for the crops from Basilicata, despite the fact that we are already in the second half of May,” says Giovanni Passarelli, owner of the eponymous growing company in Scanzano Jonico, in the province of Matera, which grows strawberries on an area of 7 hectares, all of which are still in production.

“Current wholesale prices are around €4.50 per kilo. At this same time last year it was €2.50 per kilo. We have mostly medium sizes at the moment and the quality is still pretty good. I think we will harvest the last quantities the first week of June. We are currently still picking Sabrosa-Candonga and Inspire strawberries.”

Weather has been the main factor this season which has had and continues to have a negative impact on the harvest yield. “The rain is forcing us to discard the strawberries hanging to the plants because they are damaged by the water,” he said. 

“The plants have almost reached their maximum production weight, so there is a significant decrease in harvest volumes now. But with the cool weather, supplies will decrease even more. The lack of sunny days with mild temperatures is preventing us from picking some more strawberries, even though there is still strong demand.”

Per maggiori informazioni:
Azienda Agricola Passarelli
Via Andriace, 19
75020 Scanzano Jonico
+39 320 9134551



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