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Colombia recently expanded its presence in the European market Export

Colombia’s agro-exports to Europe are an essential source of income for the national economy. Still, there are significant challenges to remaining competitive in this market, such as improving transportation & storage infrastructure and developing strategies for diversifying export products. Despite these issues, Colombia maintains a robust produce trade with Europe, and its prospects for future growth are positive.

Colombia has recently expanded its presence in the European market, particularly in Belgium. Belgium imported 981,961 tons of agri-food products from Colombia, representing 20.3% of the total agro-exports from the country. Belgium’s largest Colombian imports by volume are bananas, coffee, green plantains, avocados, and cocoa. Collectively, these products represent 97.4% of all Colombian exports to the country, with bananas alone representing 83.4% of this total.

Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the Netherlands are also critical destinations for Colombian products, accounting for 51.3% of its total agro-exports. In these countries, the primary imports are bananas, followed by coffee, avocados, green plantains, and lemons.




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