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“Approvals should take weather hazards into account” Export

For the French company Louis Rosario, the apricot campaign started 3 weeks ago with the Murcia region. The production from Valencia has just started and will be followed by the Lleida region, which should have slightly higher volumes this year, according to the first predictions. The current campaign will be marked by the weather hazards in Spain over the last several months. “Temperatures were already very high in April, with a significant lack of water. Flowering was very early this year. The production from Murcia was reduced by 40%, with 80% of small sizes.”

Many rejections from mass retailers
“All the apricots are small this year, so one would expect the producers to let the fruits grow on the trees.” However, it is impossible this year because of the temperatures. “With 38 to 40°C during the first days of harvest, the fruits had to be picked quickly.” Many apricots were harvested while they were still green and were often refused by retailers. “There have been a lot of rejections since the beginning of the campaign because of products lacking color. The criteria provided in the specifications of the certifiers remain the same, regardless of the variations in the weather. Apricots are a climacteric fruit and are therefore perfectly suitable for sale. We must be aware that colored apricots with a certain level of Brix will be difficult to obtain this year,” explains Xavier Rosario.

The Spanish campaign could last longer
France has also had its share of weather hazards this year. With the drought and water restrictions, many producers in the Pyrenees-Orientales have been ringing alarm bells for several weeks. “The region’s production is clearly dependent on irrigation. With the restrictions in place for several days, we predict a significant shortage of French apricots this year.”

Louis Rosario also started its flat peach campaign this week, which looks promising, with a nice visual and taste quality.

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