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Steady prices for first supplies of Apulian cherries Export

Incessant rains are worrying Italian cherry growers about the damage from cracking that could jeopardize the harvest or a part of it. However, the situation remains positive on the commercial front, with prices holding steady for the first supplies of early cherries because there is a shortage of supply. According to one Apulian businessman, prices at producers range from €4.50 to €6.50/kg, up compared to last year.

“It keeps raining in Apulia. The last time I harvested was on Sunday. Despite the recent and frequent rains, the percentage of waste from split cherries has remained very low. However, today (read 15 May 2023) it is impossible to walk into the fields. The effects of this latest rainfall will be visible in the coming days or, otherwise, when the rain stops. Fortunately, there is high demand for Apulian cherries. Temperatures remain below the seasonal average, so the plant does not feel the need to absorb water. If the winds continue to blow, the fruit will dry out, limiting further damage.”

Early stage 

Regarding the need to protect crops, the cherry grower adds, “We are well aware that cover nets could make a difference, but we are also aware that most regional producers refer to small or medium-sized farms, so their economic capacities are not such that they can deal with investments of 80-100 thousand euros per hectare. Puglia is definitely one of the windiest regions in Italy. Therefore, resistant structures capable of withstanding strong gusts of wind are needed. We ask the institutions to help us in this regard.”



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