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It is better to grow organic tomatoes to keep up with the times Export

Located just a few km from Scoglitti (RG), Amelia Gangarossa’s company produces organic tomatoes for the fresh produce market. The soil and weather conditions of this area, favored by the proximity to the sea, are excellent for greenhouse cultivation.

Amelia Gangarossa

In an interview with the Sicilian entrepreneur, FreshPlaza learned more about the business, which employs iron greenhouses. 

“The generous land and ideal weather conditions are our main partners. Plus I have to say we do all we can to produce excellent-quality tomatoes and even boast the certification obtained from Agroqualità Spa in Rome. The idea of growing organic tomatoes in an area where integrated control was traditionally used may have seemed strange at first, but we managed it and we are very proud,” reports Amelia Gangarossa.

Cherry tomatoes

“The types we grow are mainly cherry, plum and smooth round (i.e. bunch) tomatoes. We only have 1.7 hectares but, nonetheless, we are appreciated by our high-quality and by the fact we care about the environment and food safety. After all we are consumers too, and we would not want our children to eat products that are not strictly checked. All our produce goes to OP Agrologica in Chiaramonte Gulfi, which commercializes organic produce all over Europe thanks to their international experience.”

Smooth round (bunch) tomatoes

The 2022/23 Sicilian table tomato campaign
“The campaign has been rather unusual this year, as there have been lots of problems between the abnormal weather with summer-like temperatures until December, the floods and the ToBRFV problem. From the production that ripened early at the end of the year obtaining medium-low prices, we came to a considerable gap that made quotations skyrocket, especially for smaller tomatoes.”

Plum tomatoes

As for future challenges, Amelia Gangarossa explains that, “over the years, we have understood that the future lies in sustainability and the attention to final consumers. If you want to stand out, you need to focus on quality, which we believe means producing organic produce. That is why we will convert our other 3-4 hectares. In addition, we will expand the area dedicated to greenhouse cultivation.”

For further information:
Azienda Agricola
Gangarossa Amelia
+39 3383135196



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