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Historic low volumes for Southern Hemisphere’s kiwi harvest Export

According to the latest report of the Chilean Kiwi Committee, the harvests are coming to an end and the final data regarding volumes will be available in a few days. However, estimates continue to be there will be a 14% decrease in volumes with a downward trend.

The drop in New Zealand will be much greater. This week it was made public that in the green kiwi harvest will decrease by 31% compared to the previous season.

Meanwhile, sales in Greece and in Italy are coming to an end, which is nearly 30 days earlier than in previous years. The committee noted that, to date, there are 19,991 tons of local kiwi in the Italian market, while on the same date last year, there were 33,543 tons.

In weeks 17 and 18 Chile exported 43,393 tons of kiwi. Europe (not including Russia) was the main market for Chilean kiwi with 14,418 tons. It was followed by Latin America with 10,028 tons, the Far East with 9.59 tons, North America with 6,373 tons, Russia with 1,599 tons, and the Middle East with 1,406 tons.

The main export variety was the Hayward Kiwi, accounting for 94.9% of all exports.

The Kiwi Committee estimates the country will export a total of 116,093 tons this season.





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