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Citrus consumption in Spain has fallen by 5 kilos per capita in just 10 years Export

Over the last decade, there has been a decline in the consumption of citrus fruits, both in Spain and at the European level. According to the international agri-food consultant Paco Borras: “The 11.53% decrease in mandarins is worrying, but it’s even worse when we take into account that the campaign has been extended by about two months thanks to the varietal renewal and new varieties such as Nadorcott, Tango, and Orri. If in annual terms mandarins fall more than the average, we are facing a clear decrease in monthly consumption.”

If we look at the evolution of oranges, the figures are outrageous, as consumption has decreased by 5 kilos per capita in only 10 years.

Orange consumption in Europe has also fallen; in his case by 20%; “mandarin consumption is practically stable despite having widened its calendar, and only lemons grow. The citrus sector is theoretically organized because there is an inter-branch organization for oranges and mandarins, Intercitrus, and another for lemons and grapefruits, Ailimpo.

“Ailimpo is active, both in the day-to-day export operations and at the level of promotions, with programs linked to European Union funds for the promotion of European products.”

“Intercitrus’ operations have been relevant to ensure that external pest control measures are implemented, such as the implementation of cold treatments for South African oranges. However, its operations haven’t had the desired effect on issues related to promotions, monitoring the decline in consumption of the products it represents, or a global vision on the progress of commercial campaigns in oranges and mandarins.”

“When a sector sees how it loses market day by day, it’s evident that something happening to it. The sector should be checked if it doesn’t react to this situation,” stated Paco Borras.





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