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Potatoes planted on 81.9% of target area Export

According to a statement from the Belarusian Agriculture and Food Ministry, potatoes have been planted on 81.9% of the target area in Belarus. As of 15 May, spring crops were planted on the area of 1,935,200ha, or 83.5% of the planned acreage.

Progress in planting these crops was estimated at 89.3% in Brest Oblast, 83% in Vitebsk Oblast, 72.1% in Gomel Oblast, 93.8% in Grodno Oblast, 85.2% in Minsk Oblast and 79.3% in Mogilev Oblast.

Belarusian agricultural workers have also planted vegetables on 3,200ha, or 66.7%, maize on 816,800ha, or 71.7%, including grain maize on 280,100ha as well as potatoes on 18,700ha, or 81.9%.




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