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“New garlic harvest will be on the market at the end of May” Export

The price of garlic was stable for a short time in late April, and started a new wave of increases in early May. “In the first week of May, the price of garlic rose to over ¥8/kg, an increase of about 15% within a week. In May, fresh garlic has stabilised and it is estimated the production season will be reduced, so the price of stored garlic has risen again. At present, it is judged that the price of fresh garlic will be higher than that of stored garlic.”

Jining Fenduni Foodstuff Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the production, processing and export sales of garlic and onions. Annie, the sales manager of the company, introduced the latest information on garlic.

“Fresh garlic is being harvested, and the first batch will be on the market at the end of May. From the current point of view, the possibility of a reduction in the production is quite high, but the total supply should be sufficient, and the quality is ideal, with a more pungent taste.”

Regarding the reasons for the reduction in production, Annie explained that the first is the climate, and the second is that the price of garlic has been low in the past two years. Some growers have switched to other products due to reduced income, which has also reduced the garlic planting area.

“The price of garlic has continued to rise since March this year. It is estimated that the high price will become a trend for a period of time, and it will fluctuate frequently. Many customers find it difficult to accept the high price of garlic, so the sales are slow, but steady. Many buyers have reduced their purchases due to high prices, but it has little impact on some large buyers because there are fewer competitors in the market at this time. Garlic is in demand, and the high price is beneficial to some large buyers in some respects. “

“Currently, customers’ purchases are slowing down overall. They hope to purchase fresh ones, and at the same time gradually accept the high price.”

In addition, according to Annie, the new season of onions has now started shipping.

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