How To Choose a Right Career Path in 2020?

July 16, 2020 0 Comments

The monetary experts indicated that, after a big hit in the economic growth due to COVID-19, the headcount across various organizations will go down. The most affected countries have already started to shut their business, salary cut off, minimal workforce expansion, so on and so forth. The initial quarters of 2020 may not be so welcoming and warm, but the second-half might get back on track. According to chiefs, in 2020 there will be an increase in the demand of people with expertise in AI, data science, app development, e-commerce, and technologies for managing and serving the customers in a better way. On the other hand sectors like education, automobiles, logistics, real estate will face a decline due to this economic downturn.

In such an economic slowdown, it gets more crucial to be careful of the career path you are choosing. Thus, in this article,

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we are going to give you a clear step-by-step procedure that will help you experience the right fruitful and satisfying career path.

  1. Know yourself: Each individual is unique and has different interests, education, and talents. So, before choosing the career path, know what suits you or what does not. For example, if you are good at signing, but you are trying to be a makeup artist, then you are chances of not enjoying the job is high.
  2. Narrow down your options: After evaluating yourself, you might have got a direction to pursue. Select 4-5 career options that interest you, that are also related to your capability and opportunities. For better understanding you can take up a career assessment test and analysis to find the best opportunity for yourself.
  3. Filter job opportunities: In this step, it’s time to do research. So, now start looking for the companies that are related to your field. Pick around 6 to 7 companies where you want to see yourself. Then, try understanding their requirements, annual earnings, growth factor and start your preparation.
  4. Action plan: Now that everything is clear from goals, company, and requirement. It’s time for an action plan. Obtain some online training and start the interview preparation. Because this is the toughest thing and takes a lot of effort. If you are not very confident about your preparation, then you can also take up some mock interviews, which will boost up your confidence.
  5. Final Touch: It is not just enough to choose to the make right career, but make the most of it. A truly successful career comes when there is a continuous passion to learn. Once you are in the organization, it doesn’t matter from which educational institute you have studied and what grade you secured.

These are a few important steps that may give the breakthrough needed in succeeding at work. This is because wrong career choices are not only limited to unsatisfying companies but may also become a reason for demoralization or depression. Thus, it is more important to land up in a satisfying career path than just getting into some organization.

Author Name – Richu Mishra

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