Health Issue Among Nepalese Migrant Workers In The Middle East

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Nepal is the main supplier of the labor for countries in the Middle East, India and Malaysia. Most of the population from the Nepal, travel to the abroad or other countries in search of the work and they are really very laborious by nature.

The internal migration is at risk in the developing countries for many laborers as they travel all around the world in search of the work for the better livelihood. These migrant workers have to face unique health problems in abroad countries and this disgusting feature is giving rise to many health problems which is spreading among all the workers whether they are men or women.

The health condition of migrant workers from low-income countries is neglected in Nepal and it is giving rise to the migration process of the Nepalese people who want to earn for their livelihood. They have to prepare heir health and mind in such  way that no outer force can harm their health as well as their thinking power.

There is a paucity of research on the health and well-being of Nepalese migrant workers. The main purpose of checking the Health Issue Among Nepalese Migrant Workers in the Middle East is to assess the health and mental state of the Nepalese migrant workers who work in the Nepalese construction and factory workers employed in Malaysia, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

According to the reports and surveys the Nepalese people are facing many health issues. The main reason of their poor physical and mental health  is the poor working conditions and perceived health risks. The workers who are working the factory have severe working conditions and it also results in the improper health of an individual.

The reports, simply shown that the workers are facing health problems and sometimes they have to face accidents. Fever, severe illness, sometimes mis happenings take place and this is the health status of the employees of the Nepal who travel all the way to work.

Health Issues Faced by Nepalese Migrant Workers in the Middle East

Most importantly, women workers have to face many problems while working in other countries. They are exploited  and sometimes this also ends their self-confidence. The women have to face sexual health problems and it also decreases the occupational working conditions of the migrants.

The migrant workers  face the risk and they also take the challenges which includes the discrimination, gender inequality, sexual violence and exploitation, poor working and living conditions and lack of access to social health care.

The life of the migrants are usually at the risk because of their low status, poor living conditions and inadequate health care and lack of public cohesiveness.

health issues

Types of Health problems in Nepalese Migrant Laborers-

  • Spread of Communicable Diseases
  • Reproductive and Child Health
  • Violence against women
  • Child Labor
  • Psychological Disorders
  • Occupational Diseases

These are some of the health problems which have made the life of the Nepalese worse and it is also responsible for the poor health conditions of the people of Nepal.  Migrant laborers are usually employed in the 3-D jobs which is equally dirty and dangerous. The children usually get the inadequate job opportunities which narrows down their employment opportunities.

The allocation of scarce health resources is one of the main reason, which results in the improper health issues and it gives rise to the unemployment in the Nepal and it adds disadvantage to the life of the people living in that place.

Government Should Take Steps Regarding Nepalese Migrant Workers in the Middle East

The government and migrants should take steps in order to improve the health of its employees as it will also result in the improvement of the mental fitness and it will add advantage to the business also. It should initiate the awareness about the health issues and should organize the health campaigns which should be conducted by the experienced and well-educated, trained team and it should educate the employees about health risks and they should give a training about health care to the people of Nepal.

This rising awareness about the female and male migrants can contribute to the improvement of the health conditions of the workers of the Nepal. The health checkup camp should be organized and it also improves the working condition of the place. Proper health surveys should take place which creates the awareness among the people of the Nepal and it also frightens the employers and they have to give proper atmosphere to its employees.

Proper respect should be given to the female workers and it should be taken care that they did not get exploited in the working space. The Government should take strict steps regarding the health of the Nepalese Migrant Workers and it should pass a law which should be in the interest of the workers.

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