China Hunts For Indian Professionals For Its Under Developed Technological Hub

July 16, 2020 0 Comments

The advancing high-tech sector in China is attracting Indian professionals as China is trying to turn its center to a technological hub in a much faster way when matched with the world i.e. other developed countries.

In a recent article headed ‘China should hire Indian science, high-tech talent to maintain innovation ability’, state-run Global Times said that Indians from the technical hand are not being attracted enough to China perhaps its assumed by other r else it’s a false statement.

For example, to testify, The Managing Director of a consulting firm specialized in data-driven solutions Vishwaraaj Shetty says, that his biggest competitive edge in the tech market will be his awareness of the IT market in China. He added that several tech industry innovative trends are being launched in China. Its where sharing is done finely with the economic sense which was neither be done by any country as quoted by the Global Times.

on sharing his experiences, Shetty spoke of why he chose to find China he explained how China’s IT market attracted him, he gives in each and every detail and also assured that Indian professional should find it more impelling to advance with it as their career.

China the second largest economy in the world is enhancing its pace to catch up with Silicon Valley. The goal to be it launched several initiatives that include increasing investment for research. It is also implementing policies that create comfort zone an ambiance for entrepreneurs. The Chinese government is also showing an inclination to enter the international talent pool. China offered its Green Cards to 1, 576 overseas nationals in 2016 offering them permanent residence. This was an increase of 163% when compared with 2015, by doing this it’s planning on achieving the strength on its own.

Of late increased numbers of technology and science workers from India are arriving in China. Vishwaraaj Shetty said that he loves the life in China and as a married man he had to consider several factors before taking the decision to be an immigrant  

IT professional is the best example, his name this includes the affinity to his parents back in India as well as the IT market in Chin, added Shetty to find the best job in abroad. This could also give chance to the Indian professional who finds a crisis in US job market.

In the previous era China witnessed an unprecedented boom in tech jobs as the country became an attractive destination for foreign research and development centers,” Hu Weijia, a staffer with the Global Times wrote. “However, now some high-tech firms are turning their attention from China to India due to the latter’s relatively low labor costs. Attracting high-tech talent from India could be one of China’s options for maintaining its innovation ability.”

The Global times mentioned as India being the ever-growing hub for young talent pool which is widely attracted by many technological hubs all over the world.

Now a leading wonder in requirements is offering well-qualified jobs; you can watch find versatile standards of a market, comparing China as one of them.

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